Breaking up is hard to do

It may be time to say goodbye to unlimited data.

I have unlimited data with Verizon. As far as I know, I’m one of the few in my circle of friends and family who have stuck it out since the carrier stopped offering the service four years ago. However, after last year’s $20 monthly price increase for unlimited customers I’ve been forced to rethink my situation. There are four of us on my family plan and the new data plans revealed by the company would not only cut down my monthly fees, but would provide more than enough room for my typical smartphone usage.

But the sweet, sweet freedom included with unlimited data is proving too difficult to walk away from.


Quick calculations show that I’d be paying a decent, but not necessarily substantial, amount less each month on a comparable new plan (maybe more, I’m not sure. With all the taxes and fees it gets confusing). It wouldn’t be a big different per billing cycle, but over the course of the year it could result in significant savings—this is based on 24GB XXL data plan, by the way.

On my worst Netflix-binge months, I’ve easily gobbled down 25GB in a single cycle. Otherwise I use roughly 10-15GB, with my wife taking down less than 5GB and my parents hardly touching their respective tiny data buckets. Add in Carryover Data and we should have no problem keeping under our allotted limits. And with a major occupational switch-up quickly approaching, I’ll find myself in Wi-Fi territory far more often.

So leaving unlimited makes sense, right? I should, at least theoretically, have no problems leaving all that glorious, beautiful, distracting data behind, right? Right.

If only it were that easy.

I know what’s causing my hesitation, unreasonable as it may be (seriously, it’s like walking away from an amazing buffet with way too much food that you’d never get around to eating anyways). I’ll get around to changing it. Eventually. I’m sure I will.

After all, I can use the savings to put towards that fancy Note 7 that Samsung just launched.

Are you happy, Verizon? Yes, you. You and your stupid face and stupid awesome coverage.

Now you say something.

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